The Cross, the Presence and Prayer

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It happens sometimes thas as I get ready to retire to bed; I’ve finished my day, I’m tired, and it’s time to sleep. And I’m laying on the bed, whispering a few words to Jesus, like ”thank you Jesus for today, protect me while I sleep, give me heavenly dreams” etc.

This was one of these nights. I was just praying but then all of sudden the atmosphere became charged, like the Lord Himself stepped into the room. A heavy anointing came upon me so that I became supernaturally rejuvenated and energized as though I had never been tired or sleepy. This anointing/presence began to cause me to worship the Lord, slowly but increasingly.

I wanted Him to make my cross bigger, because in His presence the cross seemed like nothing

Soon I’m no longer laying on the bed, now I’m kneeling on the mattress, with my hands lifted up in reverence and adoration to the Lord. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I began to thank Jesus.
Hours before I had complained that my life was very difficult, because of extreme warfare, false accusations, criticism and persecution.

Now in this moment in His presence, I’m thanking Him for giving me the best life, and counting me worthy to be enlisted in His army. Overwhelmed in His love, I began to promise Him that even if He wanted me to give more, I would. I was ready to die, in fact I went on to tell Him that the best gift I could give Him was to give my life like the apostles and early Church.

Hours before, my prayers were different, in despair I cried out ”take this cross from me, give me a smaller one, or no cross at all.

In His presence, I wanted Him to make my cross bigger, because in His presence the cross seemed like nothing. It was as light as a feather, now I could rejoice in my trials. The grace of God was upon me strongly, the strength of the Lord emboldened me. I was in divine ecstasy, euphoria and indescribable joy. Everything seemed perfect and in harmony, as though I was in the realm of Utopia (Heaven like).

I watched from the Heavenlies while I was still interceding on earth.

The Bible says ”take up your cross and follow me” these were the words of the Master Himself, Jesus Christ. As we carry the cross, let us stay in His presence and not lose sight of Him, that our joy may be full.

As I continued praying I saw His Sheep scattered as though they had no leader. The enemy afflicted many, and many has lost their fire. Their faith has become quenched. I felt how the Spirit of intercession came upon me, I began to intercede for God’s people. A few hours passed, I was still interceding. I couldn’t stop, it was as if I was drugged to pray. Time seemed to have dissipated, I was lost in the glory of God. I acted accordingly, as the Spirit prompted me, as though I was a prayer machine. I was fulfilled in doing the will of God.

The Lord showed me a vision. I was lifted up in the sky, I had an outside view of the city of God. I watched from the Heavenlies while I was still interceding on earth. I was given the perspective of my prayers; thus I learned the effectiveness of “the prayers of a righteous man”. This I saw: As I prayed from the earth, the words I spoke penetrated the earth’s atmosphere and travelled to the Heavenlies, even to the city of God. These words of mine in prayer, were causing a heavy bombardment to the walls of the Holy city, thereby causing vibrations to the walls, even the very foundations of God’s city.

The degree or frequency of these vibrations and disturbances were so high that the gates of the Holy city shook, causing sound effects. I knew in my spirit man, that these sound effects were heard all over the city.

Wow! I never thought that my prayers could be that effective. So it was, like the Scripture says ”…The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” (James 5:16 NLT).

Guys, it’s time to pray, it’s time to seek God, it’s time to approach the throne of Grace and it’s time to step into the presence of God. I believe with all my heart that the prayers of saints, the righteous, God’s people, are shaking the very foundations of Heaven. That’s how effective our prayers are. Think about it for a moment, our prayers shakes the foundations of Heaven. Imagine what it will do to the foundations of hell, if there’s any. Let’s come together and let’s pray. ”Not by power not by might but by the Spirit of the living God. (Zechariah 4:6)

We want to take our nation, city, neighbourhood, family and our individual lives for Christ. The first step is to pray. If we want to counteract what the enemy is doing and recover the destiny of our nation/city to Jesus. Then we must pray like Jesus, like Moses, like Elijah, like we are called to pray. Don’t give excuses anymore…

The clock is ticking!  It’s time. The hour of prayer is now.


Francis Anene
Leader of Banner of Truth Mission/Fire of God

Francis is a revivalist and a prophetic voice with a heart to spread the love and power of Jesus in all of Europe. Currently living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. 


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